Top Five Ways to use IFTTT and Simplify Your Life

If This Then That (IFTTT) – is the ultimate web-based service that you could have asked for that helps to simplify your mundane chores. You read it right; using IFTTT you can connect the different web services and run all the different platforms simply by accessing one service and at the same time you can also create alerts to keep you informed about the mundane chores at home.

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Using the efficient tool IFTTT, take charge of your life and automate your tasks so you can enjoy complete peace of mind by throwing out all the hassles and yet be rest assured that your tasks are all being taken care of. Below are a few instances where IFTTT can be used in your daily life… And yes, the channels that you will create here, the connection between the different platforms – they are called recipes.

Manage Social Accounts

The simplest recipe you could create using IFTTT is perhaps the connection to let all photos in Facebook where you are tagged in, to be automatically saved in Dropbox. You could also automate the process through which a welcome message will be shot to your latest Twitter follower, soon after he will start following you. You can also save all your important YouTube videos on Evernote, every time you schedule to watch them later.

Keep tab on the weather report

To ensure that you never have to deal with the hassles of carrying a raincoat on a bright sunny day or get caught up in the sudden rain simply because when you left home it was sunny and so you left your umbrella behind – all by setting a recipe on IFTTT. You can automate all weather updates so you get a notification every time the weather is about to change in the next few hours. You can also receive the minimum and maximum temperatures for the day easily on your smartphone via an IFTTT recipe.

Make the mundane interesting

Keeping tab on the water filter to learn about the dirt level, taking out the trash everyday or on specific days of the week, or just doing the laundry – these are mundane chores. Nonetheless, you can start a recipe to remind you of these chores, well in advance so that you can take care of them without having to really ponder over them through the week. Set the recipe to alert you and you will receive messages on your smartphone and computer! you can install best antivirus like or

Conserve energy at home while you’re away

You forgot to switch off the light while leaving home; now what? Will you travel all the way back and unlock the doors once again to complete the task? This is cumbersome, so, you can take the easier route. Simply by creating a recipe in the service, you can connect it to your home lighting system and let it know every time you leave home to switch off the system automatically. Not only can you conserve energy, you can also cut down your power bills this way…

Control your life, like really…

A new book is added to Kindle, there’s a cool wallpaper for your desktop that’s been launched, they latest movies are updated on Netflix… how do you know them all? Well, you can create a recipe for it too.

To be able to create recipes on If This Then That, all you’ll need to do is create an account by signing in to the IFTTT official website. Thereafter you can connect the channels to your account that you wish to streamline and enjoy a blast.

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And truly, this is just the beginning… With IFTTT, there’s a whole world out there for you to explore. Make use of this wonder service and live a hassle-free life, especially now when the festival season is about to begin you have a whole lot of shopping to do. Again, while you are shopping online, remember to play it safe.

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